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Our results speak for themselves. Our AI senses panic selling and decreases your exposure protecting you from decreases.

* performance period (11/19/2021-06/14/2022)
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Annualized returns since inception:Percent (%)
S&P 500-13.08%

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About Splurge.AI

Investment management has been undergoing an accelerated transformation since personal computers became ubiquitous. The evolution of financial services is happening in lock step with accelerating growth of compute power and general population's trust and comfort with latest technology. Without personal computers, and the Internet uniting them, online brokers would not have became possible. Their appearance increased competition and quality for the end users, birthing innovations such as commissions-less trading. Latest and impossible to ignore, crypto trading has made it onto the scene with an impact of a moving truck, and now everyone wants a piece of the action. Given this, complexities of markets have grown geometrically.

Splurge.ai is democratizing access to statistically driven quantative trading automation to derive steady market return with low volatility enabling long term compounding of your assets. An ideal add-on for your Roth IRA.

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